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Date Added: 1/31/22

Looking for: Drummer

Genre: Funk Rock, Pop Punk, Pop Rock, Prog Rock

Influences: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Shinedown, Fall Out Boy, Queens of the Stone Age, Daft Punk

Location: Traverse City

Years of Experience: 2

Instrument(s) Played: We have a singer, bassist, and guitarist

Contact Name: Shady Pigeon Dealers

Contact Info:

Additional Comments:
Two of us are 17 and are still in our last year of high school. Looking for someone who is open to jamming with us young guys. Someone with songwriting skills would be great.

Date Added: 8/30/21

Looking for: Guitarist

Genre: Rock, Rap, Indie, Punk

Influences: Goo Goo Dolls, Eden Project, BlackBear, Machine Gun Kelly

Location: Traverse City

Years of Experience: 12

Instrument(s) Played: Vocals

Contact Name: Tevin L Yemmans

Contact Info:

Additional Comments:
i am currently writing my own lyrics and am looking for someone or a group that shares the same passion for music. i have been writing my own lyrics for years but never really pursued it until this year. i would love to have someone to work with and learn from as well.

Date Added: 5/24/21

Looking for: Drummer

Genre: Jazz, funk, rock, hip hop

Influences: Rage Against The Machine, James Brown, Weather Report, The Mars volta

Location: Traverse City

Years of Experience: 19

Instrument(s) Played: Rhodes, drums, vocals

Contact Name: Brian Chamberlain

Contact Info:

Additional Comments:
Looking for a drummer who's funky, jazzy and dynamic with experience playing in odd time signatures. Check out Trash Can Symphony (spotify, bandcamp, etc.) for a reference.

Date Added: 12/30/20

Looking for: Any type of musician

Genre: Rock, Pop, Funk, Motown, Jazz

Influences: The 1975, Lauv, Post Malone, LEISURE, Allen Stone, RHCP, John Mayer, Mayor Hawthorne

Location: Traverse City, Frankfort

Years of Experience: 8

Instrument(s) Played: Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Contact Name: James Hawley

Contact Info: 615-430-9260

Additional Comments:
Excited to play with others.

Date Added: 9/23/20

Looking for: Guitarist, Singer, possibly keyboards

Genre: Blues, Avant Garde, obscure rock covers

Influences: Delta Blues, obscure rock, 60's folk-blues

Location: Traverse City, Frankfort

Years of Experience: 40+

Instrument(s) Played: Acoustic Guitar, Steel Guitar, Electric Guitar, Mandolin

Contact Name: Don Rousseau

Contact Info:

Additional Comments:
I play with others frequently but would enjoy finding yet other folks interested in a different genre. I live in Frankfort and Traverse City. Willing to jam almost any time. Can host a jam and I have a small multitrack studio. Lets have some fun!

Date Added: 9/5/20

Looking for: Lead and Rhythm Guitarist, Vocalist

Genre: Thrash metal, willing to play rock music as well

Influences: Megadeth, Guns N Roses, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer etc.

Location: Traverse City

Years of Experience: 7

Instrument(s) Played: Guitar, Vocals

Contact Name: Allison Marie

Contact Info:

Additional Comments:
I would love to meet up and jam with other musicians and start a band. Would love to write original music.