Studio Anatomy began in a small office space in downtown Traverse City as a recording and rehearsal studio. At that location, we held weekly 'Open Jam Night' sessions to provide local musicians a place to meet others wanting to create original music. Having grown out of that 'room', we were in need of a larger area to accommodate our recording studio as well as adding an all-ages music venue - something Traverse City lacked. We knew that creating an all-ages venue in town would bring more diversity to the local music scene and allow musicians of any age to attend a concert and perform there without the restrictions that serving alcohol demands.

In June of 2012, we stumbled across a vast space encompassing the entire lower level of the old 'Arcade' building, right smack in the heart of downtown TC. The space was previously occupied by a musical instrument store that was in business for more than 30 years. It seemed like a natural progression to tranform this old shop into a sophisticated recording studio, music venue and local artist hub. So began the labor-intensive task of renovating the space by tearing down walls, building new ones, ripping up old shag carpeting, replacing all outdated lighting to energy efficienct track lighting, plugging up holes, and the list goes on. After months of blood, sweat and broken hammers (documented in the photos above), we opened the doors for all to enjoy. But the updates and upgrades to Studio Anatomy never stop and we want to build upon the work we have done by making this business evolve in ways that benefit all those who past through our gates.

Studio Anatomy's mission is to help promote bands and solo artists by offering affordable recording and promotional services, band rehearsal space as well as a unique all-ages venue to unleash their work into the world. We want to serve as a hive for the original music scene in Traverse City and further grow creativity within the community.

Every month, the studio puts on music shows featuring local bands performing original music (no cover bands), local stand-up comedy and various other community events. Click on Shows above to find out what we've got going on this month.